No breaking out or drilling of concrete required, as it is a surface test
Simple and accurate testing by sponge insert type sensor
A reference block ensures the reliability of test result
4 hours operation by rechargeable batteries
Low battery status display
Rugged aluminum case & carrying pouch
Easy to carry in a rugged aluminium bag

The corrosion of steel in concrete is an electro-chemical process which creates a current flow causing metal to dissolve so that it is possible to assess the probability of reinforcement corrosion by evaluating the electrical resistance of the concrete. The factor is measured in terms of resistivity and expressed in Ohm.
The resistivity of concrete varies over a complete structure due to a variety of changing site conditions from day to day so that other methods, like half-cell potential or impact testing, should be combined to ensure the data. Generally, the probability of the steel corrosion increases, the concrete resistivity deceases.
One of the practical problem of concrete resisitivity testing is to ensure the good electrical contact between the electrodes and concrete surface. In Resitest-400M Concrete Resistivity Tester, Sponge insert type sensor is used for good electrical contact. Resitest-400M is supplied with Wenner sensor,carrying pouch, reference block, connection cable, AC adaptor, sensor cleaning bottle, insert sponge, aluminium bag and instruction manual.
Resitest-400M electrical circuit for measuring concrete resistivity
38mm (1.5") Spacing Measure
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Measurement Examples
Resitest-400M Kit
  Resitest-400M main body
  Wenner sensor
  Insert sponge (8 pcs)
  Connection cable
  Reference Block
  Sensor cleaning Bottle
  Carrying pouch
  AC adaptor for rechargeable battery
  Aluminium carrying bag
  Instruction manual
WAS-1538 Wenner sensor
PRS-120 Bulk Sensor
VDS-400 Variable Distance Sensor
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Specifications of Resitest-400M

  Measuring Method: Electric Resistivity using Wenner sensor
  Pulse Voltage: ±15V / 22.2Hz
  Measuring Range: 0 20 k / 20 ~ 200 k / 200 ~ 2,000 k
  Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD

  Resolution: 0.1 k / 1k
  Measurement Accuracy: 1 k
  Maximum Range: 2,000 k
  Power: 6 x 1.2V AA Rrechargeable Battery
  Battery Life: Continuously 4 hours
  Display: 3.2" TFT Color LCD
  Size: 105(H) mm 172(W) mm 68(D) mm
  Weight: 990 grams (main body)


Those who have purchased the equipment provided by a password, and it lost please contact M.K.C Korea.


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