Features and Benefits

Advanced, automated digital test hammer its calculation, memory and
   recording functions allow for quick, esay and accurate test results
Automatic calculation of the mean rebound number and
   compressive strength (
/) discard values over ±20%.
Testing capability in night time by application of FND.
Indication of battery status.

Rebound Hardness System
Measuring Range: 100/-600/
Automatic electronic of the mean rebound number and compressive strength,
   digital and print-out of the record of test results.
Adjustment Calculating function of tested angle.
Automatic average, testing result calculating function.
Limit Lower/Upper Function (±20% of average)
Light function (FND)
Charge (red and green)
Temperature: 0~40
Adapter: 8.6V~0.8A
Anvil standard value: 80±2(Option)
Weight: 1.4
Lithium-ion battery
DC 7.4V/950mA/h

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